The Big Bang Project

WSBL is now offering a new educational / entertainment show called the Big Bang Project. As mentioned in the Jack White/ Robert Redford documentary American Epic, there were two recording sessions in the 1920’s which proved to record companies that country and blues music could attract a large audience previously unknown. This was the first time that ordinary people heard their own music, and a commercial musical revolution occurred. The PBS documentary called these sessions the Big Bang of both Country Music and Rhythm and Blues. 

The two seminal groups that were recorded by pioneering record producer Ralph Peer were the Carter family and The Memphis Jug Band. We offer a show featuring this influential early Americana music as well as songs by other early country and blues artists. 

With the release of the Ken Burns documentary Country Music, interest in this the Americana roots music is at an all-time high. The WSBL Big Bang Project captures this music using fiddle, banjo, washboard, jug, guitar, harmonica. accordion and harmony vocals. Treat your audience to something unique and present the Washboard Slim Big Bang Project at your library, club, concert facility or night club.