"Washboard slim and the blue lights latest recording is a delightful romp through woods.  Peter Menta and his talented band of troubadours have artfully crafted a CD that's got something for everyone on two sides.  It's a well recorded collection of Jugband standards, American roots and pop music.  Quite fun to listen to!   Almost as good as having them in your living room.  Buy the recording, you don't have to feed or clean up after them." 
- Dave Schwartz-WPKN Radio-Host: Big Railroad Train


"This is BY FAR the best record I've ever heard you make. The vocals are fantastic and authentic and the songs are interesting and pulsing and the playing is excellent.  There are about 5 or 6 songs I'm absolutely CRAZY about!"
- Cynthia Lyon, Band Leader, Eight To The Bar


"You guys can play anything you want!"
- Tommy Ramone, Musician, Producer, The Ramones

“The best show that I saw at the 1998 Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival was the set by Washboard Slim and the Bluelights. Like everyone else in the packed house, I stayed riveted to my seats. This versatile quintet has the good-natured old time jug band style right down to the gnats eyeball!” 
  - Tex Wyndham, author of Texas Shout and leader of the “Rent Party Reveler’s Jazz Band."

“Absolutely the best group since Kweskin's jug band in the sixties. Traditional music in overdrive.”
  - Eric von Schmidt, legendary recording artist, author, ASCAP life achievement award winner

“A talented, polished group. Lots of good new songs, strong tight harmonies, and a good dose of creativity to give it all their own stamp. Washboard Slim and the Bluelights will be coming back to The Sounding Board again and again.” 
- Len Domler, The Sounding Board Coffeehouse

“Fun, toe-tapping music with a good sense of humor... received a great reception at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference.” 
- Sonny Ochs, Showcase Committee, Northeast Regional Folk Alliance & Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

“Highly musical and extraordinarily entertaining. A big hit at the Westport ues Festival.”
-Mark Naftalin, Legendary Blues Musician, Producer, San Francisco Blues Festival

"You get it all with Washboard Slim and the Bluelights - folk, jazz, country, cajun, spirituals - all delivered in a magical, musical stew.  A New England treasure and the ultimate live band experience. "
- Fernamdo Pinto-Concert Promoter-Odd Ball productions