Can we brag a little about Lauren's band from the '80, The Washington Squares, and her work with Brave Combo?

The Washington Squares, released in 1987, earned a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Folk Recording.  Their second album Fair and Square, produced by Steve Soles, followed in 1989.  Their albums reportedly sold in excess of 150,000 copies each. 

Here are some videos of the Washington Squares in action:


Fourth Day of July    


Everybody Knows  

 Washington Squares with Paul Shaffer  

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In the early ‘90’s, Lauren and her friends in the nuclear polka band, Brave Combo, conceptualized an album based on an image burned in leader Carl Finch’s brain: a matchbook cover with fire and the French word Allumettes.  The project was picked up by Japan's J-Wave Music and released as A Way to Say Goodbye, which charted in the Tokyo Top 100.  In the U.S. the album was re-named Kiss of Fire, released by Texas label Watermelon Records.

Click to hear Kiss of Fire.

Click to hear J'ai Faim Toujours.